Q/ Does it matter where I stay when I come to Hakuba?

A/ Yes. Hakuba may be a 'small town', but it is spread across a wide area. Although there are several resorts you may wish to ski, basing yourself within an easy walk of the ski lifts at a major resort will come in handy if you have young children and also on days when you may not wish to get up early to queue for crowded shuttle-buses. It also allows you, or others in your group, to easily come home for lunch or a well-deserved break before heading back up. Happo-one is the biggest resort and the immediate Happo area has more facilities than any other part of Hakuba, but there are a number of resorts worth visiting.

Q/ What is the best way to get to Hakuba from the airport?

A/ That really depends on the group you are travelling with, your arrival time and whether your main consideration is expense or expediency. We will advise you on the best way to get here depending on your circumstances, once a reservation is made.

Q/ What do I NEED to arrange or pre-book before I arrive in Hakuba?

A/ Your accommodation is by the far the biggest priority, as the newer, better-quality options are always in short-supply. Once your accommodation and flights are finalized, everything including airport transfers, equipment rental, day tours, lift tickets, child-minding, restaurant bookings and ski lessons can wait until a later date, even until your arrival in most cases. We will assist you with all your these requirements before your trip.

Q/ When is the best time to ski in Hakuba?

A/ It really depends who you are. The coldest, snowiest months are January and February, but for inexperienced skiers (or children), December and March often provide fantastic snow, weather, minimal congestion and more comfortable daytime temperatures. For those looking to hike higher and access some backcountry, late March / April is often the best time.

Q/ What is there to do while we are in Hakuba on our rest days?

A/ Hakuba is definitely an 'outdoor' town, but there are several popular destinations (and day tours), including Zenkoji Temple, Jigokudani and the Snow Monkeys, Matsumoto Castle, Kurobe Dam/Gorge to explore. Alternative outdoor activities including cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snow-shoe tours, hot springs, trekking, cycling, rafting and canyoning.

Q/ What is the night-life like in Hakuba?

A/ In addition to Hakuba's vast selection of excellent - and usually very inexpensive - restaurants, there are many bars and nightclubs, especially during the winter months. However, as these places are spread over quite a wide area, there is no need to consider this when choosing where to stay. You will undoubtedly visit a number of areas during your stay, all of which are easily accessed by the night shuttles, taxi, or courtesy shuttle provided by the more reputable accommodation providers.

Q/ Can I use my credit card in Hakuba?

A/ Yes, in almost all cases. However, a handful of the smaller, local restaurants still only accept cash, so it is advisable to always have some cash on hand. Provided you have an ATM card allowing international withdrawals, there are a number of ATMs you can withdraw cash from, 24 hours a day.

Q/ Can we easily get to the supermarket?

A/ Yes. We provide a daily supermarket shuttle for all our guests, along with daily restaurant shuttles and certain other free services for guests with special requirements. We also recommend, arrange and book restaurants, tours, equipment rental, ski lessons, child-minding, airport transfers and almost anything else our guests require.

Q/ Should I rent a car while I am in Hakuba?

A/ In most cases, no. While we can arrange a car for you, experience driving on narrow, icy roads, often in heavy snow is highly recommended and 4WD plus snow tires are essential. You will have little trouble 'getting around' Hakuba without a car. However, if you do think you may need a car, don't forget to apply for and bring an international driver's licence. You won't be able to rent a car without it.